Lili Abigail Gulbet lives in Budapest. There is an intersection between her work and her artistic process. She’s a mental health counselor who uses somatic therapy techniques to help her clients transform their trauma experiences. As a gestural artist, she integrates these body therapy practices into her creative process to heal her traumas and release tension from her body. She calls her artworks “emotional patches” which are somatic images of the transformation of her emotions. These somatic images capture the building blocks of the embodied subjective experience: thoughts, feelings, five senses, movements, and body sensations. Her extremely intense and quick gestures follow the inner organic healing process and express those dynamics. What is unique in her procedure: her eyes are closed, and her body sensations guide her arms virtuously. 
To learn more about her precepts for her artistry,  please read the artist’s statement:

Artist Statement
"In 2015 I created ‘Lilush Experiment’ as my art micro-culture to define an empty space as an opportunity to discharge myself. I wished to break free, I wished to blast myself out from my body’s helplessness without paralysing thoughts. I just wanted to move at full blast. I wanted my gestures to shout. At this time not consciously but instinctively, I started to explore my relieving gestures with the ink wash painting technique. Through intense body work I started to feel energised. I experienced the power of my repressed emotions erupting from my arms and leading my hand like an avalanche on the white paper. I wanted to live. As time went by the sublimative art process became a part of my daily life. Later on the exploration of gestures got conscious and I wanted to learn to control these strong, disruptive emotions. At this point I started to concentrate on how this gesturing bodywork could be the practice of the focusing. This is an alert attentive state where you are able to perceive your reality to its full extent. My experimentation was about to explore the role of the gesturing body in the imaginative perception of desired future situations. At this time colours and a variety of materials appeared in my artistic work; pencil, ball-point pen, acrylic, marker, many kind of pastels and inkpencil. Vibrant colours and expressive gestures began to transform me and my life. I became the active creator of my life. I believe that my gestures are able to transfer the power of the meaning, what moves inside those who perceive my artworks by the resonance."​​​​​​​