Budapest-based artist Lili Abigel Gulbert is exploring the transformative power of gestures. She integrates somatic therapy techniques into her action-oriented artistic process to heal trauma reactions and relieve tension in her body. She calls her artworks Emotional Patches. These dynamic line arts are the somatic images of the transformation of her emotions. Her expressions capture the building blocks of the embodied subjective experience: thoughts, feelings, five senses, movements, and body sensations. Her extremely intense and quick gestures follow the inner organic healing process and express those dynamics. Each line conveys a body sensation. Each material represents an element of the experience. In her line art, the transformation of the felt sense can be clearly traced;  as the spasms of pain transform into energetic movements, the chaos of darkness is replaced by the free dance of vibrant colors that bring relief. What is unique in her expressive work: her eyes are closed, and her body sensations guide her arms virtuously. 
Lili obtained a Master of Arts degree in Architecture at the University of Pécs in Hungary in 2006. She was a lead designer at an international architecture firm for seven years, then she burned out and changed carrier. Her instincts led her to the field of body-oriented psychology. Currently, she works as a Mental Health Counselor in Budapest.
Her artistic work is inspired by the phenomena of collective and individual trauma, which she experiences daily during her personal and professional life.